Tuesday, 3 September 2013


Today I looked back his photos in facebook, I found that he looks like a stranger, not a person who I love him for 3 years. Jeff Hong, you have made it. I am longer love you. I know the time has brought me pass from the sadness. I will never hate you but wish you can get a better one in near future. At the same time, the girl will love and understand as much as I do. At the same time, congratz myself have 95% recover from this!!

Exam week now! Feel tiring as not enougb of sleep. And I found OMA is tough. I have no idea how am I going to pass the paper. At this moment, wish I need not to resit the exam will do. God bless ♥

Work is tough for me too. Why dont fair to me? As I know I am not as good as others.

One word: MISS!!!
I will be back next month. See you my lovely family members.

With Loves,