Sunday, 29 December 2013

29 12 13

I will do my best to forget you. I know you have fallen in love with somebody and i become nothing to you anymore. Xie xie ni de wu qing!

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

25 12 13

Today, I accidentedly saw your photos in Facebook. You were enjoying with your friends in club during Christmas eve. I know it is no longer my business but I don't know why I felt very sad and all things about you came across to my mind. It has been passed for 8 months since we break up, supposingly I should be same like you, forget everything and start the new story in life. But it wasn't as easy as I thought. Opposingly, it is extremely hard! 

From we knew each others untill we fall in love, hold hand to face all the hard time, and we end up break up. The length of the relationship is not short but could not consider long. But I do believe I have put all my effort to love you. And I believe I will not love others as much as I love you from the day our relationship break.

Last time, I strongly believe you will never leave me alone although I know I am a person who very hard to stay with. Before the relationship begin, you know but you have chosen to believe I can change because of you. Who know, I was determined to stay in SG after graduate and believe about long distance relationship! Me myself will never ever fall in love with others as long as I know someone is waiting for me in Malaysia. But this long distance relationship only last for less than a year. The reason you have been given to me was my characteristic has been changed after I staying here. I admitted because the life here made me become more independent but yet I need you most of time as my supporter. The reasons why I requested more cam-call.

I was easily affected by your actions no matter during relationship or even we break up. I actually told my friend and her response was "you still never let him go or clear from your mind and that is the reason why you easily get affected by his actions". I rejected this statement at first and said I need more time. In fact, I know the statement is true enough. Remember the last message I sent you through FB 2 months ago, I said let me to cut the relation off and do not reply the message anymore and you made it indeed. Congratulation! Most of time, I wanted to message you but I could not break this. I cannot so selfish to disturb your happiness.

Remember I commented on the photo with you and you said that this is inappropriate and you have removed the tag because you do not want anybody to talk about this issue. At the point of time, I felt guilty and on the other hand, I was like I cannot accept it and heart pain. But end up, I tend myself to accept and face this naturally.

I am so tiring and hope you have a good christmas celebration.