Saturday, 6 July 2013


I still can feel the pain around although it has been passed for few months. I was wondering when I can really put down the relationship. I find nobody to talk to.

Sometime I hope I can get a friend to talk to but not. I feel suffer sometime. I admitted I love him still ♥ but he not. Why he can treat me like that. Because of my characteristic, our long distance and make him leave me? But in my mind, this is not a problem. If I really become a person you feel I am different then you must let me know instead. Secondly, let me know if you want me to go back Malaysia. But you are not!!! You accepted all the my decision then leave me behind and you keep walking forward and I still stand on the ground and awaiting you to turn back to tell me you are joking and today is an 'April Fool'. Indeed, I know it is impossible.

God, if I know this is the result I would not accept him earlier. It really hurts me and make me pain for a long time. Please show me a direction what should I do. I cannot stand on this anymore!!!!



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