Saturday, 15 June 2013


The home suddenly become silent much. It looks like my feeling. I become silent nowadays because I do not know how to be expressed. By blogging, I can write as much as possible although I am not strong in my writing. But I know that I am improving. Today is sunday. I was letting my mind relax and keep quiet without anybody sound arround. I think this is what I want for my life. ♥

Today not only is a normal weekend, it is also father's day. I used to take it normal for this special day. But it is different for me in this year. I miss my family much. I wish I could at Penang at this moments. Stay beside my parents, but I believe it could only appear in my dream because I am unable to go back in this short while. Have to plan if August or September to go back.

With Love,

Ie von

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